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Delivery and return


Delivery, delivery and return policy

The MDADASHIAN website enables delivery in Israel and worldwide !

If the country you wish to order our jewelry is not included in the list of countries to ship, we invite you to contact us and examine the options and costs of shipping the product to you.

We make every effort to provide you with the product you ordered on time, subject to receipt of payment for the entire product to the address given at the time of placing the order and subject to the full and correct details required by the regulations.



After placing an order on the website, the order will be sent to our order department to confirm receipt of payment confirmation from the credit card company and / or paypal.

After receipt of the above approval, the product ordered for shipment will be shipped for up to 7 business days, depending on the product you ordered.

Each product will be sent to you as quickly as possible and after a complete and final processing of the order. Reservations can be made 24/7, but bookings will be made Sunday through Thursday between 08:00 and 18:00.

Shipments in Israel - a product that is sent by mail between 7 and 10 business days, depending on the product ordered, and subject to the provisions of these regulations, the date of arrival of the shipment is between 14 business days and up to 21 business days.

There is a possibility of self collection of the shipment after coordination with the customer service department at at any time, and / or by phone

 + 972-54-5343182.

The shipment is intended for shipping abroad, and the shipment is shipped to Israel from European countries. Delivery to European countries is up to 14 business days and other countries up to 21 business days. 45 days from the day the shipment is made by us.

If booking is required earlier than the above and you wish to ensure receipt of the order in a shorter time, you can contact customer service to check the express delivery option. The cost for this shipment is on the Service Schedule.

As 45 days passed, you are invited to contact our customer service for further investigation and information.

Upon delivery, a follow-up number will be sent to you for the purpose of checking and tracking the shipment.

As stated, delivery will be possible after full and final processing of the order, as well as receipt of full payment for the product and for the shipment and receipt of confirmation of payment.

We may delay delivery and prevent delivery if no full payment has been received and / or an order has not been made in full and / or in a proper manner.

A product sent in accordance with the details given at the time of placing the order, it is presumed that it has reached its destination.

If the product is sent to the wrong address provided at the time of placing the order and returned to us, the customer will bear any potential cost of returning the product, including shipping and / or return costs, as well as additional shipping costs to a revised address and additional costs.

Payment for the shipment will be made using the credit card and will be included in the payment for the products and can not be canceled for any reason unless the transaction was canceled due to a defect or discrepancy or if the transaction was canceled before the shipment was made.

Payment for taxes in the country to which the order was placed will apply to the booking person.

MDADASHIAN reserves the right to change shipping options, shipping costs and shipping conditions at the Site at any time.

Please note that the delivery times, as defined in these regulations, are an estimate, and we are not responsible for delays due to postage schedules and / or delivery and / or holidays and / or weather conditions and / or any other event not under our control including Events as a result of a higher power.


Cancelling a transaction

We insist on the quality of our products as well as on the delivery of the product in such a way as to ensure its complete and proper arrival. Therefore, the cancellation of the transaction and the return of the product will be possible under the terms of these regulations and in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981.

If you are not satisfied with the jewel you ordered or want to change the size, you can return the jewelry and receive a full refund under the following conditions:

On the request for cancellation / change to be made within 14 days.

Please contact customer service and update the cancellation / change request and send this request to

The product must be sent to the address given by customer service to the customer, when it is new, unused and in its original packaging.

If a transaction is canceled and / or a change is made to the jewel, the cost of returning the product, the responsibility for sending the product and receiving it by MDADASHIAN is that of the customer, a customer who did not return the product at the time could not claim to cancel the transaction.


As stated above, it is not possible to cancel a transaction and / or return a product when it comes to products that were specifically tailored to the customer and / or products that were prepared for the customer in personal design.


In any event, the amount of the refund shall be equal to the amount to which the customer was charged. From this amount it will be possible to deduct shipping and operation costs such as the cost of shipping the product.

Shipping, operation, taxes, etc. in respect of the return of a product is on the customer.

The refund will be made by the same payment method, which was paid only after receiving the product in the company in its original packaging, complete and proper and at the time set forth above.

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